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AFEHC : noticia : Political identity and archaeology in Northeast Honduras / Thomas W. Cuddy : Political identity and archaeology in Northeast Honduras / Thomas W. Cuddy

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Christophe BELAUBRE

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ISSN 1954-3891

Political identity and archaeology in Northeast Honduras / Thomas W. Cuddy

Boulder, University Press of Colorado, 2007
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Boulder, Colorado
7 de marzo de 2007


1. Introduction

Setting the Stage

Complex Societies in Honduras

Chiefdoms and Political Identity

Where the Jungle Meets the Sea

2. Duncan Strong, the 1933 Expedition, and the History of Archaeological Exploration in Northeast Honduras

E. G. Squire and the Amateur Exploration of Northeast Honduras

The Fruit Companies

Institutions and Archaeological Research

Modern Archaeological Investigations

Summary of Previous Work

3. Ancient Taguzgalpa: Ethnohistory and Cultural Affiliations in Northeast Honduras

Who Started It?

Cultural Affiliations in Northeast Honduras

Ethnographic Research in La Mosquitia

Political Organization in the Historic Period

Historical Politics in the Mosquitia

The Trujillo Railroads

*4. Chronology in Northeast Honduras: Sites and Symbols Ceramic Phases: The Ultimate Marker of Time*

Chiapas Farm and the Early Selin (A.D. 300¿600)

Dos Quebradas

Wankibila: A Caveat to Early Growth

San Marcos and the Basic Selin (A.D. 600¿800)

The Transitional Selin at La Floresta (A.D. 800¿1000)

Brown¿s Farm and the Early Cocal (A.D. 1000¿1400)

Late Cocal (A.D. 1400¿1520): The Weak Link to History

*5. The Remaking of Northeast Honduras: Ideology Ideology, Nature, and Iconography in Northeast Honduras*

Ceramic Style and Implications

The Manatee Motif

The Tapir Motif

Waves-and-Foam Motif and Ulua Marble Vases

Face-on-the-Foot Motif

Man-from-Animal Motif

Convergence of Styles and Meaning

Summary of Influence on Ceramic Style

6. Economic Interactions in Central America

Routes of Interaction and Exchange

Ceramics and Interaction

Early Ceramic Influences

Early Selin Phase (A.D. 300¿600)

Basic Selin Phase (A.D. 600¿800)

Transitional Selin Phase (A.D. 800¿1000)

Cocal Phase (A.D. 1000¿1400)

Lithic Material and Implications for Interaction


Weapons and Tools¿Metates and Mace Heads

Personal Adornment¿Jade Jewelry and Elite Commerce

Axes and Axe Gods

Waterborne Transportation and Boats

Trading Interpretations

7. Cultural Development in Northeast Honduras (Conclusions)

Stability and Change in the Mosquitia

The Role of Ideology

Economic Implications

The Political Growth of Taguzgalpa

Final Comparisons


1. Excavation and History at Selin-Cocal Farm (HCN-5)

2. Rivers and Place Names in Northeast Honduras

3. Site Name and Expedition Registry in Northeast Honduras


Bibliographic References